Orientation Interview

Today we had our orientation interview. The call was about 45 minutes long and briefly went over the different steps of the adoption process and ended with a short individual interview and a joint interview. The process involves 4 phases, first is the home study which takes roughly 3 months. After the home study we have to file for immigration approval which is another 3-4 months. Then comes the exciting part, the referral process. This is when we get to meet our precious little ones, which typically takes about 6 months. Shortly afterwords (2 weeks-4 months) we will receive a court date and travel to Uganda spending the next 4-6 weeks in country. This is going to be a very exciting time since the kids will be turned over to us as soon as we arrive. We will be able to spend time with them in their orphanage as well as do some local traveling, sight seeing, etc. We are hoping to have the funds to take them on a safari, we will probably enjoy that a lot more than them! The phone interview was pretty brief, she asked questions about our marriage, history of drug and alcohol abuse, history of domestic violence or any other crimes to include speeding tickets. She also asked about how our families felt about us adopting and why we decided to adopt and why Uganda. All in all it was a pretty brief and painless call that provided us with a little more information about the process. The only downside to the call was the confirmation that we will have to find an outside agency in which to do our home study as Lifelines satellite social worker had to quit with no notice to take care of her ill mother. So we should be posting fairly soon regarding that process.



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  1. You guys are studs. Seriously.

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