Home Study Thus Far

The past few weeks have been crazy to say the least. I spent a week making phone call after phone call trying to find someone who could do our home study for us, with each and every call leading to another dead-end. It was beginning to seem like there was no one that would be able to do our home study for us. We called a list of people who work with Faith International to no avail. I called Faith International’s HQ and the guy said he would send me a list of their social workers, and never sent them. LDS social services, no answer. Finally I got a hold of a lady in Portland named Gail, and she directed me to someone here in Richland that conducts home studies. I called and spoke with her for a few minutes and she gave us the news we were looking for. Her schedule was clear and she was available to do our home study. I cannot explain how happy we were to have finally found someone. We called Heather to give her the news and to take down some info that we would need to give to the one doing our home study. Then Heather dropped a bomb. The Ugandan court system is not a fan of independent adoptions and since our home study would be the main thing they look at when deciding whether or not to grant us legal guardianship, our home study needed to be done by someone who works with an agency. Back to square one. I went back to the list of people who Heather had given me and started over. This time we decided that we would have to look outside our area. We avoided this the first time because we wanted to try to avoid having to pay for the social workers travel expenses. After a few more phone calls we located a gentleman in the Seattle area who happens to be with Faith Int. He was very straight forward with the information and answered all of our questions thoroughly, and had a “common sense needs to dictate your action” mentality. I can’t even explain how happy that made us. We had this fear that our social worker was going to be some cold hearted person who would come into our house with a clipboard and a checklist and search for every little reason that could help to prove us to be unfit parents. It was in fact quite the opposite. Our social worker is amazing. He made it clear right off the bat that he was here to HELP us not only in the home study, but to help us deal with transition that our kids will go through when we bring them home. At the end of our conversation he informed me that he would be stopping by the house to do the first home visit on Monday. This was on Tuesday night. We went from not being able to find anyone to, “Oh crap. We only have a week to get the house ready!” I called up a good friend of mine and he dropped everything he had going on and showed up bright and early Wednesday morning. We spent the entire day and most of the evening fixing up the house. This was no small task as we had 4 rooms that needed electrical work done and a bathroom that was being remodeled. After a hard full day’s work we were able to get it all finished. Brooke and I then spent the next 3 days giving the house, garage, and yard a good deep cleaning. Monday came way too quickly. We nervously waited for him to show up. We had another stack of paperwork (details are in the What it Takes section) that we had done during the week. As soon as we answered the door all our nerves were gone. He was an incredibly nice guy. We spent the next few hours going through paperwork and conducting our interview. All of which was incredibly harmless. I had expected to feel a little uncomfortable about some of the questions but that wasn’t the case at all. We went over our homework, he required 18 hours of homework but our agency requires more so he gave us the ok to just do their homework. After the interview we gave him a tour of the house and that was it. We were still missing some paperwork so he said that he would send that to us when he got back to the office. When he left we felt relieved and a little upset with ourselves. All that time spent worrying over nothing. The home study process is nothing to be overly worried about. As we sit now, we are waiting for our FBI and CPS background checks to come through. This takes 8-12 weeks as they check every state that you have ever lived in. Once they come back he will write up our home study and send it to us and our agency for tweaking and finalization. So for now we wait. If there’s one thing that we have learned about this process, it’s very much a hurry up and wait (and worry) game. I know that we have much to learn about this process but for now, we wait. “…but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.” Romans 5:3-5



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2 responses to “Home Study Thus Far

  1. Rocio

    I have often found that when things seem exactly perfect, sometimes that’s just not what Heavenly Father’s plan is for you. And then you find something else that’s even better than what you were looking at in the first place. (Re: Heather and finding someone to do your home study). It will be wonderful to see how things fall into place for your family exactly as they should be.

  2. Ashley.

    Did you know that youcan adopt orphans free of charge right here in America? New Life Adoptions of Wenatchee is a no fee adoption agency. They do everything for you, homestudy and everything.

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