Why Adoption

Brooke and I have always dreamt of adopting. I have to admit I was never very vocal about my dream to adopt, but I always loved hearing stories of those that were adopted or were adopting. Brooke on the other hand has shared her dream of adoption with her family for as long as she can remember. This shared dream is one of the things that brought us together. Shortly after we got married we began researching adoption. This was not something we took lightly. As we started this we only knew one thing, we needed to adopt. So we went into it with open minds and hearts. We left nothing off the table. Throughout this entire process we’ve relied heavily on prayer and fasting for answers and guidance. We first looked into domestic adoption. Our thought was, “Why go to another country when there are plenty of children here that need our help?” So we spent the next couple of months researching, pondering, praying and interviewing those who have adopted domestically or who were adopted domestically. After all of this it just didn’t feel right and we came to the conclusion that we weren’t going to find our children through domestic adoption. We still knew we needed to adopt, but we were at a loss as to where to adopt from? So we began the international search. China, Haiti, Russia, Peru etc. It was around this time that we were also looking into adoption agencies. We were directed to Lifeline through a good friend of ours and began speaking with Heather, an international social worker.  She deals specifically with Uganda and was so patient and kind as we bombarded her with questions over the next few months. While talking with her we were also researching Uganda. We quickly fell in love with Uganda. We were drawn to the stories of the hard lives these precious little ones have had. After about a month or so of hard prayer and fasting we knew that Uganda was where we were headed. Then one morning after doing some work in the temple I remember having a strong desire to adopt siblings. As we looked into this more our hearts ached as we read story after story of children young and old being separated from their brothers and sisters. This confirmed to us our need to adopt siblings. We understand that our family will not be your typical family, but that doesn’t matter to us. What matters to us is that we find our children. It’s like the Burton family motto says, “Most families are made, but for us a little assembly is required.”